You can now actually buy your own steampunk laptop masterpiece

We're quite the fan of Richard "Datamancer" Nagy and his intricate steampunk pieces of tech. Up until now, we've only been able to gawk from afar, but the Mancer of Data is starting to accept interest from we, the unwashed masses.

Let's just get the price out of the way now: expensive. Nagy is considering a first round of custom laptops installed with PC-based OSes for a handy $5,500, though down the line he's stated that future laptops could fetch as much as $7,500.

That's a lot of scratch, sure, but one glance at these things also shows that they're a hell of a lot of work. Each laptop will be customizable and features Victorian designs and engravings, a key-shaped USB drive, real wood and brass styling, and tons of attractive clockwork.

Below you can see more views of a steampunk laptop that Datamancer previously constructed. Gears! Chains! Keys to turn! Oh, my!

Datamancer, via LuxuryLaunches

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