Xbox 360 sales are actually increasing, six years in

Microsoft's Xbox 360 was released six long years ago, so one would expect it to be reaching the end of its lifespan with sales starting to drop off. That's not the case: new sales data shows that Xbox 360 sales are strong than they've ever been.

Yes, sales are actually increasing for the console, thanks to price drops and new baubbles such as the Kinect. It also doesn't hurt that their main competitor just went through some of the worst PR possible with the PSN hack.

What this data means for us gamers is that we probably shouldn't expect a next-gen Xbox for a while. Unless the new Nintendo console, which is due next year, suddenly kills Microsoft's mojo, they have no real reason to go through the extremely expensive undertaking of launching a new console. Ah well. The reason the Xbox is still selling so well is because, well, it's not showing its age too much. Until something seems like it needs to be replaced, why replace it?

Via Engadge

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