Video: Near-future bionic enhancements to help the disabled

Journalist Miles O'Brien recently went on a whirlwind tour peeking at what's up in the world in the world of bionics. It reads like a greatest hits list, with exoskeletons, bionic arms and eyes and ears, and even some mind control thrown in for good measure.

His spot appeared on PBC NewsHour, where he first checked in with Amanda Boxtel, pictured above. Amanda, who lost the ability to walk after a skiing accident 19 years ago, shows off Berkeley Bionics' eLEGS. While the eLEGS skeleton may not look as flashy as, say, the HAL, CEO Eythor Bender wants the legs to be ready in as little as three years. That's not long at all, considering the technology at hand.

See Miles O'Brien navigate the near-future world of bionics here:

Also in the video: Segway inventor Dean Kamen and his Star Wars-inspired "Luke" DEKA arm, the BrainGate neural interface, World Wide Mind author Michael Chorost and his cochlear implants that restored his hearing, and Aimee Mullins, a double-amputee who, quite honestly, does so much that she makes me feel like I'm wasting the two legs I have.

Our favorite bits: Kamen saying that one day bionic prosthetics will be something that we all implant or wear à la Deus Ex, and Mullins describing her glee whenever she heard The Six Million Dollar Man theme song as a young girl.

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