Train stations go mobile with high-speed docking

You know all those fancy high-speed trains? The sad fact is that for a lot of the time, they're not moving any faster than my living room is moving right now. Trains waste a huge amount of time and energy picking up passengers at stations, but if it were somehow possible for the stations to meet the train, things would be a lot more efficient.

The idea of mobile train stations isn't nearly as crazy as it sounds, if you think of the mobile train station as just another train. In this concept from design firm Priestmangoode, local commuter trains double as mobile train stations that dock with passing high-speed trains, allowing passengers to get on and off without ever requiring the high-speed train to stop. This saves time and energy on both ends, and means that as a passenger, you don't have to deal with lengthy transfers. Check it out:

The obvious problem here is that there is a finite amount of time that people have to move between trains. And when I say "finite" I mean that at some point down the track the two trains are going to physically separate whether all of the passengers are ready for it or not. So yeah, things could get ugly, but isn't it worth it if we can all get where we're going that much faster?

Priestmangoode, via Inhabitat

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