Track with 1,100 toy cars flying around completed, worth millions

The last time we saw Chris Burden's Metropolis II track was back in November when it was still a hunk of gray metal. Seven months later, the gigantic track with 18 car lanes and 13 railroad tracks is complete with colorful skyscrapers and has been sold for "millions of dollars."

With help from his chief engineer Zack Cook, Burden's impressive 10-feet tall by 28-feet long "city" is a magnificent sight to behold. Besides having 1,100 Matchbox cars modded with little magnets on their undersides to pull them along certain conveyor belts, Metropolis II has so many skyscrapers, Burden's lost count of them all. He reckons there's about 30-40 buildings.

But don't think a city with over one thousand cars isn't prone to "accidents" or a little bumper to bumper action. The little metal cars are apt to "fly off a couple of times an hour."

Costing millions to construct and sold for millions of dollars (hopefully at a profit), Burden's four-year project will be deconstructed, packed up in "steel cages" where "nothing can move 37th of an inch" within the next three months.

Is it art? Like Burden says, "If somebody says it's art, then it is. The question is just whether it's any good or not."

MAKE, via G4 and GG

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