Toss those Ray-Bans, these sunglasses are made from hair

We're not sure what to make of these biodegradable sunglasses made from human hair. They're definitely different, to say the least. Bound with natural resin, the hardened hair frames will certainly show off your funky sense of style, for sure.

Created by Studio Swine's Azusa Murakami and Alexander Groves these unique sunglasses were created to "explore how the booming production of hair extensions can be expanded beyond the beauty industry to make other commodities that are equally desirable."

I have to say, these shades don't look half bad. The texture might not be fitting for me, but to the fashionista, these will definitely make a statement. If anything, wearing a pair of these on a first date would make a great, if not somewhat gross ice breaker.

Dezeen, via Gizmodo

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