Tiny 'micro-home' uses your car as an extra room

American designer Jon Salerno's "Habitat" may be tiny, but it actually makes for some pretty smart living. The small space features all the basic comforts, and also takes advantage of a companion vehicle that'll double as your living room when you park it.

Totaling all of 100 square feet, the Habitat micro-home still musters up a healthy offering: a lofted bed, kitchen and space for eating, plumbing, and storage and shelves. (Hey, wait, where's the bathroom?) The house itself is powered by solar panels, and will even save up some of that juice for the accompanying electric vehicle that goes along with the concept.

How the habitat interacts with the EV is the coolest part. Not only with the house use its excess energy to charge the vehicle when you dock with it, but your car will become the home's first floor, adding a living room to the design. Hanging out in your car may not sound like the most comfortable thing in the world, but, as you can see down below, the EV's seats rotate, facing inward to create a more sociable space.

It's an interesting idea. Maybe not one that'll ever come to pass, but one could easily imagine this being great for, say, students in a crowded city, or as a capsule hotel of sorts for travelers. Check out more of Jon Salerno's design in the gallery below.

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Designboom, via io9

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