Three-wheeled car can travel 1,325 miles on one gallon of diesel

How many cars can say they get over 1,300 miles per gallon of diesel fuel? How many concept cars are tested by 11-year-olds like Kitty Foster? This car designed by the Cambridge Design Partnership can make both those claims.

Created to encourage the importance of engineering and technology, CDP's car uses low friction tires to help increase mileage. Combined with the "Go System" that consists of a GPS and a lightweight oxygen concentrator, Foster and the CDP team were able to monitor the car's performance and know exactly when to switch off the engine and "start coasting." Riiidggeee Raacer?

According to Foster, the GPS information made a significant difference by adding an additional 150 miles to her drive run.

In the future, CPD hopes using the Go System and its micro-diesel-engine will pave the way towards more efficient vehicles. We sure hope it does!

Business Weekly, via Inhabitat

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