This music player makes your iPod Classic look kind of wimpy

These days if you want to buy a dedicated personal music player, you're pretty stuck with just one choice, the iPod Classic. After all, what are you going to get, a Zune?

Well, no so fast there. Audiophiles will tell you about the fancy HiFiMan HM-801 with its high-end parts, but now there's a new contender, the somewhat steampunkish looking Pocket HiFi C4 from Colorfly.

Like the HiFiMan, the Pocket HiFi plays files stored on SD cards (MicroSD in this case,) so you'll never run out of room on your hard drive. It also gives you S/PDIF digital inputs and outputs, and a full sized 1/4-inch headphone jack with a powerful amplifier for driving serious cans.

The real news for audiophiles however, is that the Colorfly player can handle super high-rez 192-kHz 24-bit files, which it converts using a high rent CIRRUS Logic digital to analog converter.

So how much does all of this portable audio porn cost? The Colorfly website seem to have listings for distributors in every country except the US. But from what I can glean, the price is about $700. Hey, that's only about three times the price of a 160-GB iPod Classic, so pretty cheap by audiophile standards.

Colorfly, via Oh Gizmo!

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