This light bulb has been illuminated for 110 years

We're not even going to beat around the bushes: we're fascinated by light bulbs, everything from ones worth $10 million to LED ones that last 30 years — we love them all. Do you know what tickles our fetish even more? The Centennial Bulb — a light bulb that's been burning since 1901 and it's still on!

First installed at a fire department hose cart in 1901 and then moved to its present Firestation 6 in Livermore, California in 1976, the Centennial Bulb will celebrate its 110th anniversary of illumination next Saturday. According to NPR, the light bulb has been connected to an emergency generator system for the last 35 years, so even in a blackout, the bulb won't burn out.

Although the light bulb did experience a few hiccup from power outages in 1903, 1937 and 1976, the Centennial Bulb has been burning "with no interruptions since [it's attachment to the generator]."

Yeah, halogen light bulbs last a ton load of hours longer than incandescent ones, but hot diggity, I don't know a single light bulb that can hold a candle (sorry!) to the Centennial Bulb's "very thick filament and the relatively lower power level supplying it" that keeps it burning. It might not be too useful for finding a lost item in the dark, but damn it, it's a testament to the quality-built gadgets of a time when everything wasn't made to be disposed in a few years.

Keep on burning Centennial Bulb! Maybe it'll last another 110 years and someone else will be sitting at a computer writing up a story and linking back to this one.

Centennial Bulb, via NPR

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