This is possibly the most uncomfortable controller ever

Yesterday, we highlighted the 23 most innovative controllers to ever hit home consoles, but today, we've got what appears to arguably be one of the most unergonomic controllers ever created. Just look at it!

Dubbed the "Warrior Monster PC Gaming Pad" or as I like to call it "The-ugly-scary-undead-samurai-with-green-glowing-eyes-when-plugged-into-a-USB-port-controller," its existence is only for those who wish to game on something that looks wicked and nothing else. Shaped like a PS3 DualShock3 controller, it has two analogs positioned under the samurai skull's face (with detachable face mask!), a D-pad, four face buttons and of course two pairs of triggers.

But how does it feel to game on something so...coarse? We suspect long gaming sessions with this thing will lead to sore palms. Just look at the thing! There are bumps and ridges everywhere.

PC Gamers looking to pick up a controller that's cut differently from the rest of the pack can have this one for $26. Everybody else, should probably stick with the good old mouse and keyboard.

Update: Whoops, it looks like we covered this ghastly controller a while back, but back then we didn't have sharper close-ups of the controller's details. You can spy those in the gallery pics below.

Amazon, via OhGizmo

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