Stick on joysticks turn your iPhone into a gaming machine

iPhones are great for lots of things, but gaming using its touchscreen isn't really one of them. The Fling Mini joysticks are designed to fix that problem by giving you more control.

Similar in concept to that iPad joystick we saw a few months ago, the Fling Mini thumb pads stick to your phone with suction cups to give you far more precise control over small movements. Manufacturer Ten One Design says that they are compatible with hundreds of games, and they have a compatibility label that you can look for in the Apple App Store.

While it's being marketed primarily toward iPhone and iPod Touch users, the manufacturer says the Fling Mini will work with any touchscreen smartphone.

The Fling Minis come in pairs, and are currently available for pre-order for about $25. Shipments are scheduled to start in mid July.

Fling Mini, via Touch Arcade

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