Steam announces huge summer sale, we announce bankruptcy

If you have a savings account you keep in case of a rainy day, now would be a good time to cut off your access to it.

Steam, the digital distribution service run by Valve Software — the folks, in turn, behind the Half-Life series and the recently free-to-play Team Fortress 2 — is hands-down the most popular destination for buying PC games without a physical box. It's also evil. Evil!

Not only does Steam offer regular, irresistible deals, the service also rolls out these mega sales every so often. The new "Steam Summer Camp Sale" promises to be the most wallet-punishing yet, as not only are recent titles such as The Witcher 2 and Medal of Honor getting deep cuts, but playing games will also score you tickets, which you can then use to try to win more games. The challenges for tickets change daily, and so do the deals.

In short, computer game fans, get ready for Steam to own your life until July 10, when the sale mercifully ends.

Via Steam

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