Sony unveils the PlayStation Vita, formerly known as the NGP

Sony made official it's successor to the PSP last night, renaming what was codenamed the "NGP" the PlayStation Vita.

The new handheld gaming console features dual touchpads, GPS, an OLED screen and six-axis motion sensors. It also comes in two flavors: Wi-Fi only or Wi-Fi and 3G, which will be serviced via AT&T. Pricing plans for that 3G service have yet to be announced.

But if you do use the Vita to play online, a feature called "Near" will allow you to see people who are playing within your vicinity. Which is neat, although I'm not sure what the benefit of such a thing is. In any case, location data and a wireless connection are clearly going to be used heavily by this thing.

While the launch date is only set vaguely as "end of 2011" at the moment, the prices have been announced: $249 for Wi-Fi only and $299 for Wi-Fi with 3G.

Via Kotaku

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