ForceShoe measures your every move, but won't win fashion awards

Developed to help doctors analyze how a stroke patient is using their feet, these shoes have a slew of sensors that measure where the patient is putting pressure as they walk. This data then helps them to develop therapies to assist the patient as they relearn how to walk.

Created by researchers at The University of Twente in the Netherlands, the ForceShoe sends the collected information wirelessly to a computer for analysis, meaning the patient no longer needs to go to a specialized movement laboratory.

Professor Peter Veltink sees plenty of uses beyond rehabilitating stroke patients, and thinks there is great potential for the shoe in sports medicine helping athletes to improve their running and jumping techniques.

I just think they're going to have to come up with a less dorky looking version if they expect LeBron to start wearing them.

University of Twente, via PhysOrg

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