'Small' 36-inch display with 4K resolution will sell for $36,000

What's the highest resolution display that money can buy, starting in September? That honor belongs to Eizo Nanao's $36,000 36.4-inch DuraVision FDH3601 display with a whopping 4,096 x 2,160 resolution. Yup, that's just a hair higher than two 1080p displays combined.

Anybody who has $36,000 to blow on a display that's only 36.4-inches is probably too rich for their own good. For that type of money, we'd expect the DuraVision to boast more than two DVI-D ports, two DisplayPorts, an ambient light sensor, LED backlight, 1,000:1 contrast ration and a 700cd/m2 brightness.

We'd expect, you know, a little "design" that's at least in the same vein as a Bang & Olufsen, Apple or any other "premium" brands. And although we don't particularly have an affinity for 3D and its eyewear, the option for "future-proofing" the display with 3D tech would definitely have been welcome.

If you're in the market for a new display that'll likely make on-screen text look super tiny, but will allow digital photos to be viewed in all their 268 megapixel entirely without exploding, then you can pick a DuraVision up in Japan on September 7, but be warned, the display will only last about two years (24 hours a day — not that anybody leaves their screen on that long, but in case you do).

Eizo Nanao (Japanese), via Crunchgear

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