Shield yourself from radiation with this Doomsday survival suit

With the troubles at the Fukushima nuclear plant still ongoing, it's natural that folks around the world are worried about harmful radiation. Enter the Doomsday — a robot-shaped "anti-nuclear radiation mobile living unit made of lead panels."

Call it the habitable coffin with glowing red eyes or whatever you want, but Kacey Wong's (no relation) Doomsday robot home will sell like hotcakes when the apocalypse comes. When opened up, a comfy flat bad for one is exposed for snuggling up and four solar panels built inside of the door panels can generate 15 volts of electricity for juicing up that iPod. What, who says you won't need your dramatic doomsday music to go with you? Trust us, you'll need it.

Before you all go up in Wong's face for creating a death suffocation chamber, know that the Doomsday mobile home is only art. As for whether or not the Doomsday is for sale, you'll have to ask Wong yourself. But if you want to snag a look at it, you'll be able to find it at the 30 x 30 exhibition in Hong Kong from July 7 to August 9.

Kacey Wong, via Dezeen

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