Share your hottest guitar licks with today's playable Google logo

Google is famous for creating their artsy Google Doodles, but usually they're just something that you can look at and enjoy. Today, to honor guitar legend Les Paul's 96th birthday, they've created a totally cool playable virtual guitar version of the logo.

Each string on the virtual guitar plays a different note as you scroll across it, so you can pick out tunes all day to your heart's content. If you get bored with mousing across the strings, each letter on your keyboard also plays a note.

That's pretty cool by itself, but Les Paul was a pioneer of recording technology, so the Doodle has a neat recording feature built in. Hit the record button under the guitar, and it will record your noodling in real time. Then when you hit the button again to stop, a link appears in the window. Copy the link and send it to your friends, and they too can hear your masterpiece. Hey, if you're really proud of your handiwork, you could even post it to your Facebook or Twitter feed.

Turns out I kind of suck at virtual guitar, so I think I'll keep my attempts to myself.

Apparently the recording feature only works if you're in the US. Ah, the complexities of international copyright law.

Via Google

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