Say hello to the pig-decapitating robot

Some robots are nice and friendly, like a Roomba or an Aibo. Some, less so, such as the Jarvis Model JR-50 Robotic Hog Head Dropper. Yes, this is a robot designed to cut the heads off of pigs. Lots of pigs.

This frightening beast of a machine can de-head up to 1,200 pigs an hour, which is a lot of pigs. Here's how it operates, according to Giz:

After being killed, stuck, and dehaired, hogs arrive at the JR-50's 7 x12-foot stainless steel cage. The six-axis robotic arm uses an industrtial-hardened 3D camera to aim the lopping blade which, with 3750 pounds (1800psi) of cutting force, makes a 9.5-inch incision at the base of the hog's skull, severing it from the spine and trachea.
After that, it dips its blade in some hot water to clean it off and then it's on to the next hog. The entire process takes about 1.6 seconds, which is way faster than I could cut the head off of a pig, I assume.

Jarvis via Gizmodo

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