Sauron's Dark Tower from LOTR gets 50,000-piece Lego tribute

I'm just eye-ballin' it, but I'd guess that Kevin Walter, pictured above, is only a little taller than 5'9". How would I know? Because that Lego masterpiece next to him is five foot nine. Pretty crazy, and crazier still: he made it using 50,000 Lego bricks. That's five times the pieces of that Lego Sandcrawler we saw recently.

Known as Barad-dûr from the Lord of the Rings series, the "dark tower" serves as Sauron's stronghold, and the Lego sculpture even has the iconic eye up there to top it all off. Walter showed his creation off at Brickworld 2011, an annual convention in Chicago where folks show off the crazy stuff they make out of Lego.

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Flickr, via Geeks Are Sexy and Brothers-Brick

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