Saddest jacket ever lets you give yourself simulated hugs

Look around. Are you currently being hugged? No? Then you're just one of the millions of people who suffer from chronic intermittent huglessness every day. Don't just be another statistic. Instead, get this coat, which lets you hug a dummy and makes it feel like you're hugging yourself. Problem solved.

The Sense-Roid jacket, developed by a team from the University of Electro-Communications on Japan, uses a dummy outfitted with pressure sensors to send detailed information about the position and intensity of a hug to a jacket that uses pneumatic "muscles" to precisely duplicate it on you. There are also arrays of microswitches on the dummy accompanies by vibrating pager motors on the jacket that transmit "stroking" and "petting" motions. Good times.

Do not miss the video:

Via Akihabara News and Wired

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