Russians building bomb-proof toilets in the name of freedom

Have you ever looked around your place and thought, "you know what, if a bomb went off here I probably wouldn't be able to comfortably take a poo?" Yeah, me neither, but that's what the Russians are worried about, so they've started building terrorist-proof public toilets.

Before the end of this year, you'll be able to safely relax in a public lavatory in Russia comprised of ultra-strong fibrous concrete, steel, and reinforced plastic. Rabid Russian winters will be fended off by an integrated heating system that keeps you and all your bits at a healthy 61 degrees. After 30 blissful minutes inside, the door will open and an alarm will sound and you'll be kicked out, whether or not you're, you know, done.

Government officials have declared this fixture to be "vandal and terrorist-proof," which sounds like a challenge to me. "If somebody will leave a bomb inside the lavatory and it explodes, then the toilet won't be destroyed." I like how they don't specify what will happen to everything around the toilet, but hey, priorities, right?

Via The Age

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