Portable rotary phone actually looks useful enough to use today

If Alexander Graham Bell went on to invent a pocket phone back in the day, it would probably look a little something like the "Rotary Mechanical" by designer Richard Clarkson.

You have to admire the thought put into Clarkson's design — as well as his eye for presentation. It may just be a portable rotary phone at its core, but in a weird way it actually looks pretty useable. It even has a display panel on the back — not a touchscreen, mind you — that you can navigate using the rotary dial thanks to a little thumb-friendly cutaway in the design. That also means you don't have to memorize numbers to boot, as, really, who does that anymore?

We imagine the dial locks, though this thing would certainly make pocket dials more interesting. Check out more pretty vantages of Rotary Mechanical in the gallery below.

Yanko Design

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