Robotic mannequin for web shoppers shapes body to your curves

Last year we showed you the robot mannequin for men, now the same company has unveiled the technology for the far more important, and demanding market of female fashion consumers.

Led by Heikki Haldre, the Estonia-based company now offers a Female Fitbot, essentially a robotic mannequin, for online shoppers who wish to see how outfits might look on their bodies before purchasing the garments. The consumer just inputs her measurements, and the Fitbot adjusts accordingly. According to Haldre, the device can conform to 85 percent of women shopping online today. From dramatically increasing a bust size, to mimicking the effects of a pregnancy, the Fitbot is possibly the last hurdle to opening up online clothing shopping for detail-oriented female shoppers. You can see the Fitbot in action in the video below.

Via Dailymail

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