Robot roommates will shop for and cook you the perfect breakfast

You know that favorite neighborhood diner with the cute staff that serves you breakfast on Sunday mornings after a long night of clubbing? Well those days may soon be over: We give you the "robotic roommates" who can shop for and prepare a perfect breakfast faster than your local hash slinger.

The project, designed by the Intelligent Autonomous Systems Group at Technische Universität München in Germany, pairs the TUM-James and the TUM-Rosie together in a bid to show exactly how far robotics have come. Deftly slicing sausages, boiling them and then removing them from the pot for serving, the robots actually make the days of automated diners seem ready for business today. For shopping the TUM-James robot used 3D perception algorithms married with other software enhancements. You can see the team in action in the video below.

Via PopSci

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