Is LulzSec's fun over? Rival hacker reveals the group's leader

Did the hacker known as "Th3 J35t3r" or "The Jester" (for those who don't speak 1337) just get the last "lulz?" Reports are flooding in that Th3 J35t3r has revealed the leader of LulzSec to be a 30-year-old IT consultant from New York.

According to Th3 J35t3r, the leader of LulzSec is Xavier Kaotico, a.k.a. Xavier de Leon and "Sabu" on the Internet. Kaotico specializes in Python programming, Linux development, network security and exploit development.

Unlike Ryan Cleary who was personally acknowledged by LulzSec as having no real meaningful connection to them, the hacker group has yet to make any statements Tweets confirming or denying Kaotico as their leader. One thing is for sure, if Kaotico does have any relation to LulzSec, the FBI are probably all up in his face right now if they've located him. If they haven't found him, he'd better bring along some gum, as we're sure the interrogations will go long past dinnertime.

Meanwhile, LulzSec's fun festivities haven't stopped. As of this writing, the hacker group's latest release appears to be a list of about 2,800 officers from the Peruvian Aguilas Negras (Black Eagles Special Police Unit) and a "fix" on how to make Th3 J35t3r's making his so-called "anti-LulzSec tool" better.

It looks like the "lulz" will continue on for another day. When will all the madness end? We can't be certain, but like some have pointed out, the Internet has certainly become a whole lot more interesting in the last few weeks.

BGR, via Gadgetsteria

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