Rifle umbrella is probably not safe to carry around

Lightsaber and samurai umbrellas are cool, but you know what is cooler? A rifle umbrella. Yeah, something tells us toting this umbrella around is just asking for all sorts of trouble.

With its tip shaped like a rifle barrel and its handle like a rifle's butt, having one of these slung over your shoulder (like the gentleman above) is sure to garner more than a few "oohs" and "ahhs." It could scare some people — like everybody who doesn't know that your rifle umbrella is not a weapon, but only looks like one and that you're not a crazy loony psychopath preparing for a shooting rampage.


Luckily, the rifle umbrella doesn't shoot ammunition of any kind, but hey, you never know. With so many talented DIYers modding their everyday things, it doesn't seem like turning this rifle umbrella into a real weapon is out of the realm of possibility.

But if you're still willing to risk getting stopped by a police officer for looking cool, you can pick one up for $18 (black) and $28 (brown).

Brando, via Likecool

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