PossessedHand turns your hand into a remote controlled cyborg

Do you want to play the violin, but can't be bothered to learn how? Then strap on this electric finger stimulator called PossessedHand that makes your fingers move with no input from your own brain.

Developed by scientists at Tokyo University in conjunction with Sony, hand consists of a pair of wrist bands that deliver mild electrical stimuli directly to the muscles that control your fingers, something normally done by your own brain.

The project started as a learning tool for people who wanted to play musical instruments, but I can envisage a bunch of additional potential uses, some creepy, and some not. On the plus side, perhaps this could be used to help stroke victims regain control of their stroke affected limbs. On the other hand, I'm curious about Sony's involvement. Sure that violin playing story sounds good, but perhaps they really want to take control of your fingers so you'll push the buy button as you peruse the Sony Style website.

Rekimoto Lab, via PhysOrg

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