Listen to music in the shower with Pioneer's washable earbuds

Earbuds, especially in-ear/noise isolation ones tend to collect dirt, dust and all sorts of strange ear wax relatively quickly, that's why the world needs washable ones and Pioneer's here to deliver.

Germaphobes, these Pioneer earbuds have your name written all over them. Pioneer claims these SE-CL331 earbuds can be submersed in water up to one meter and can be washed without damaging their innards after a hot and sweaty jog. Clumsy folk like yours truly who tend to occasionally leave their earbuds in their pockets when doing the laundry will greatly appreciate these. How does the magic work?

Pioneer's earbuds use a "filter consisting of a two layer mesh and rubber ring and a stainless steel plate combined with a solid inner base to provide anti-water pressure." Oh...kay. Interested buyers will be glad to know that the earbuds come with four different sized tips and come standard with 9mm drivers, a cord clip and a nice pouch.

The price for washable audio gear? $60. Well worth it, if you're used to spending $30-40 on a new pair every single time you ruin them in the washer. Also, earbuds in the shower!

AudioCubes, via TechFresh

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