Now they've done it: Lulzsec hackers take down the CIA

Try going to the CIA's website today? Probably not. As of a handful of minutes ago, you wouldn't have been able to, either. It's been down for hours.

Lulzsec, a group of hackers making waves lately for their numerous and unstoppable takedowns of many a site and system, publicize the raids on Twitter. They've recently harassed Sony, a smattering of video games including World of Warcraft and EVE Online and even the U.S. senate. Hell, the group was even taking requests for targets.

Who are these hackers? Who's safe? Who's next? No one knows.

Taking down a network hurts all kinds of stuff from its general operation to commerce and more — and whatever the CIA is using its website for — but Lulzsec isn't raiding user accounts or stealing bank information from the looks of it. Erm, nevermind, looks like Lulzsec is dropping its "booty" left and right.

Either way, the group is showing the online world just how fragile its security really is. In a perverted sense, Lulzsec is doing something good by doing something bad: the networks will have to get stronger now, ultimately.

One of the latest tweets from The Lulz Boat, as the Twitter account is called: "Lulz Security, where the entertainment is always at your expense, whether you realize it or not. Wrecking your infrastructures since 2011."

Lulzsec, via Boing Boing

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