NGP's killer feature: seamless cross-PS3 multiplayer gaming

We already know that Sony's NGP will be a monster handheld with a quad-core mobile processor and a super crisp 5-inch OLED screen to make HD-games pop, but did you know that it'll also support multiplayer game modes directly with PS3 gamers?

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), the largest video game trade show is next week and gamers are expecting big things from Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft. Unable to wait, Sony unleashed a few details on its PSP successor and it looks pretty frickin' a-w-e-s-o-m-e.

The first game unveiled that will take advantage of the cross-platform multiplayer action is Sony Studio Liverpool's Wipeout 2048 — a futuristic hover-car racing game (for those who've never played it, think F-Zero with weapons). Because the NGP is nearly as powerful as a PlayStation 3, Sony's able to wirelessly connect the two systems and enable what is essentially one big multiplayer room.

For instance, Wipeout 2048 players will be able to race other players from the PlayStation 3's Wipeout Fury. Again, that's just the start. Once other game developers get in on the feature, gamers will be able to go head-to-head against their buddies in a game like Call of Duty while on the go.

Thinking bigger for a sec, we might even see the possibility of resumed gaming sessions. Imagine being able to play n NGP game on the bus or train and then when you get home, you can continue playing where you left off on your PS3 (and vice versa). How cool would that be?

Not only would Sony's NGP (apparently rumored to be officially called the PS Vita) have a major selling point over the t, but by being able to provide seamless cross-platform gaming, it'd also give the George Foreman grill-shaped PS3 a little more longevity in Sony's planned 10-year system life cycle.

Via Gamespot

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