Next big step for Kinect? Interactive advertisements

There's no denying that Kinect is a great sensor for the hacking scene and great for casual gaming on the Xbox 360, but what is this? Is Microsoft's next big gamble for Kinect really interactive advertising?

NUads, short for Natural User-Interface Ads are Microsoft's next explosive project for Kinect. With it, consumers can do things like Tweet out an advertisement using voice controls, have additional info related to a commercial delivered to an email inbox, schedule reminders for TV show names, find nearby car dealerships that sell a certain car and participate in voting contests.

We like the idea of being able to interact with an ad (Tweeting Superbowl ads!), but I'm not so sure people want to spend even more time with them. Although Microsoft hasn't officially started running interactive ads with Kinect, the video below does give a glimpse of what they could look like in the future.

While we'd love to reduce the amount of ads that bombard us on TV, we do think that some of the ideas demoed with NUads would work great with advertisements in public spaces. Tweeting an ad, sending a reminder or voting on an ad while waiting for the bus would be pretty cool. But then again, the video does have over 4,000 dislikes (as of this writing) on YouTube, so perhaps that's indicative of how consumers are feeling about Kinect ads.

YouTube, via IGN

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