Dual-screen mystery Android slider phone pops up at UK event

It's funny how new gadgets often pop up unexpectedly long before the manufacturer has a chance to make a big splash. This time it's a new LG branded dual-screen slider Android phone, which showed up at a London press event held by UK carrier Orange.

Despite being an Orange event, the phone had a T-Mobile logo on it, making its appearance doubly puzzling.

The slide out split keyboard has a small touchscreen located between the two halves of the keyboard, with quick launch buttons for up to eight apps. Presumably this means you won't have to return to the home screen each time you want to check another app.

The name is also unknown, although some have said it could be the LG Flip II or the LG Maxx Q. That first one sounds unlikely to me, as I tend to associate the name Flip with clamshell style phones.

Kudos to our friends over at Pocket-lint for managing to snap some shots of the mystery phone, before some LG rep realized they had spilled the beans.

Via Pocket-lint

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