Move over, Wii U: iPad gets dual-screen gaming first

The Wii U has a neat trick: a controller with a touchscreen that can show something different on it than what's on the TV. But you know, it's getting beaten to the punch not by Microsoft or Sony, but by Apple.

Yes, the iPad, that other touchscreen gaming device, will allow wireless gaming using AirPlay when iOS5 drops, and it'll allow apps to show different things on the TV and the iPad's screen. Provided you've got an Apple TV plugged into your TV, Real Racing 2 HD will show you a course map on the iPad and the actual gameplay on the TV.

Sure, the iPad doesn't have any buttons, making it a pretty shoddy controller when compared to the Wii U's. But still: if you've gotta try out that experience before Nintendo's new console ships sometime next year, this is your chance.

Via TG Daily

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