Meet Hanako 2, a weirdly lifelike dental robot

So, you want to be a dentist. That's all fine and good, but few people are gonna want you fiddling around inside their mouths before you know what you're doing. Enter the Hanako 2, a robot just for dentists.

Hanako 2 is a Japanese robot designed to act as a dental patient for dental students. It's an improvement over its successor, Hanako 1, as it's gotten a boatload of new features to make it more like a real person.

It can sneeze, roll its eyes and blink, open and close its mouth, cough, and gag when you stick your fingers too far back into its mouth. Furthermore, its skin is more realistic thanks to them teaming up with the maker of sex dolls to get it much more lifelike.

It's all good news for both dentists-in-training and people who don't want to have oral surgery performed on them by dentists-in-training.

Via Crunchgear

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