Massive Beijing hotel has a face only an alien could love

Beijing has some amazing architecture like the beautiful Bird's Nest Stadium built for the 2008 Olympics, but this new massive hotel project looks like it could have been designed by a team of aliens.

The Beijing National Hotel has a creepy three ring design looks just like the face of a stereotypical alien, although I guess you would only see the resemblance if you were flying overhead. At first I thought it might simply be that Chinese aliens don't look like American ones, but then I saw that the building was designed by a Los Angeles architecture company called Emergent.

To be fair, from ground level it looks like it's going to be pretty amazing to behold, and it turns out that the three huge holes actually open onto a giant, 107,000-square-foot tropical rain forest. With 1,500 rooms, multiple conference centers, and a gigantic restaurant up at the top, everything about the hotel is pretty massive.

One problem is that the hotel is going to be built close to the Beijing International Airport, so for many this will be the first face that greets them as they arrive in China.

Emergent, via Inhabitat

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