Massive solar array generates power even when the sun is down

The problem with most solar power schemes, is that they don't work too well when there isn't any sun. Not so with the vast GemaSolar array in Spain, which stores some of its power in a massive battery allowing it to deliver power 24/7.

The battery is actually molten salt, which is pumped through the tower where it is heated up to over 1,100 degrees F. Some of the superheated liquid salt generates steam to run a turbine generator, while the rest is stored in giant pools so it can run the turbine when it's dark out. The tower itself is heated by the sun using the 2,493 mirrors that surround it, so I guess you don't want to be anywhere near that tower unless you enjoy being sautéed.

At around 20 million watts, the plant generates enough electricity for about 25,000 homes, pretty good for a 100 percent renewable resource.

Via TreeHugger

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