Make the dream of a floating pool in NYC's East River a reality

In the heat of summer, many New Yorkers fantasize about swimming in the East River, but none will do so due to how straight-up disgusting the water in the East River is. But a new project aims to change that.

The +Pool is a concept for a floating pool that would be anchored off the Brooklyn shoreline in the river. It would use a special filter that would clean the East River's water and make it safe to swim in, no chemicals necessary.

The guys who came up with the idea have run it by some experts, who all say its a feasible idea. Now, they're raising some money to test out the filter casing that would make this dream a reality. They've already raised over $25,000 — the project's initial goal to start preliminary tests— in a mere 6 days, so this is clearly something that people are excited about. Want to help them out more? They're accepting more donations for the next 22 days. Let's get this thing prepped for next summer, eh?

See a video of designers selling the +Pool concept in the video below.

Via Kickstarter

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