Latest Batmobile unveiled by F1 designer Gordon Murray

Most of the Batmobiles the Dark Knight drives are crazy flights of fancy that could never exist in real life, so it's interesting that the Batman people went to a legendary designer of real race cars for the latest in Batmobile technology.

Gordon Murray designed the Formula One cars that won six world championships, then he went on to create the incredible McLaren F1 supercar for the road. So when he was given the task of creating the latest Batmobile, he came up with a design that projects Formula One design elements as they might exist in 15-20 years, including what he calls "breathable" carbon fiber.

The aerodynamics take a lot from F1, with a large rear wing, and a ground effects package with fairings around the "virtual" wheels. Power comes from an eco-friendly hydrogen fuel cell, so it looks like even the Caped Crusader is going green.

The Gordon Murray Batmobile will be used in the Batman Live World Arena Tour, which is touring now in the U.K., with US dates to follow later.

Batman Live World Arena Tour, via Autoblog

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