LaCie CloudBox is a near-perfect backup solution you can't afford

Backing up your data is always a compromise between resiliency and accessibility. LaCie's new CloudBox manages to seamlessly do both, which would be awesome if only it wasn't so ridiculously expensive.

Perhaps the most convenient but least safe way to back up your data is to copy it over to an external hard drive plugged into your computer. That way, it's easy to access, but if a meteor obliterates your house, the backup won't do you much good.

Perhaps the most safe but least convenient way to back up your data is to copy it over to an external hard drive which you then flash-freeze in carbonite and mail to Royal City, WA, where a trained scuba diver will deposit it at the bottom of a semi-submerged Titan missile silo. That way, it's likely safe from residential meteor obliteration, but since you can't access it, the backup won't do you much good.

Ideally, you want your backups to be both local and remote, and LaCie's new CloudBox makes that dead simple. It's a 100 gig external drive that you plug into your router at home, and whenever you save something to it, the drive automatically encrypts your data and sends it off to a cloud storage server that's hopefully located somewhere just as secure as your average cold war era military installation. You don't have to think about your backups until after you come home to find a smoking crater in the ground where your house used to be, at which point you can simply download your data from the CloudBox server and decrypt it.

The CloudBox drive costs $200 (including a year of free online backups), which seems a bit steep for a mere 100 gigs, but that's nothing compared to the $100 per year that LaCie is charging for the actual cloud service that makes CloudBox appealing to begin with. It's a great idea that offers the convenience of local storage with the peace of mind of a cloud backup solution, but for what they're charging you might be better off trying the missile silo idea out first.

CloudBox, via Engadget

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