Invisible ping-pong game lets you give yourself a paddlin'

The guy in this picture is playing ping-pong. Invisible ping-pong. All by himself. Go With The Rythm! Hyper Ping-Pong (that's what it's called) is exactly like the real game, except without the need for a second paddle, a table, a ball, hand-eye coordination, self-respect, or friends. Awesome!

Go With The Rythm! Hyper Ping-Pong is a sort of virtual reality pin- pong game that you play with yourself (or with an "invisible opponent" if that makes you feel less like a dork). Just swing the paddle and it'll make a noise like you just hit an invisible ping-pong ball, followed by noises for the ball hitting the invisible table and your invisible opponent hitting it back at you. Time your next swing correctly, and you can keep the invisible rally going. Push a special button on the paddle, and if you can get the timing just right, you'll be able to do an invisible smash, winning the invisible game and sending you invisible opponent off in invisible tears.

I have to admit, it really does look like fun, if we're to believe these models who have probably been paid substantial amounts of money to look like they're having fun:

Go With The Rythm! Hyper Ping-Pong goes on sale in Japan this October for $25.

Via DigInfo

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