'Immersive Cocoon,' your glorious, personal 360-degree theater

Imagine if all of your office work, your exercising, movie-going, game-playing and even studying could be done instead inside a 360-degree wonderland of images and sound. That's exactly the aim here — step on inside the Immersive Cocoon.

The work of designer Tino Schaedler and design-and-ad firm NAU, the Immersive Cocoon provides a space for you that's stuffed to the high-tech gills with motion capture cameras, motion-sensing floor panels, 3D surround sound, 360-degrees of interior display space and even air conditioning. The end result is a big ol' ball of whatever you want: you could watch a movie, play a game, work and conference with folks in other cocoons, interact with educational materials and more.

In a world where the Immersive Cocoon actually exists, the designers see it as something that would be rented by folks in public spaces such as airports and malls, and by corporations for work to get done (though, let's be honest, only the upper-ups would get to play around with it, emerging from their big black shell like Darth Vader when underlings pop by).

Schaedler and NAU even put together a slick Immersive Cocoon tribute video to 2001: A Spacy Odyssey. Check it out by clicking this link.

I-Cocoon, via Yanko Design, via Luxury Launches

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