Huge solar panel covered tunnel boosts power to Belgian trains

Trains are already one of the greenest ways to move people and goods, but a new two mile long tunnel in Belgium is making them even greener by adding some serious renewable power to the system.

Built along the high speed Amsterdam to Paris line, this isn't really a tunnel in the normal sense of the word, but more like a covering over the high speed tracks in an area near the Antwerp main station. With its roof covered from end to end with 16,000 solar panels, the tunnel generates enough power in a year to deliver all the electricity used by the entire Belgian rail network during one day, and will continuously supply about half of the Antwerp station's electrical needs.

An additional bonus of the tunnel is that they didn't need to clear cut a wide buffer in the protected forest alongside the rail line, as falling trees would no longer pose a danger to passing trains.

With its combination of green power, protected rail lines, and saved forest, this really does look like a win win win situation.

The Guardian, via TreeHugger

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