House on stilts can't wait for global warming

Why bother worrying about global warming, tsunamis, floods and rising sea levels when you could just ignore it all with a house on stilts? In fact, you can actually look forward to the ice caps melting, 'cause then you get a giant swimming pool of pure glacial meltwater installed for free in your backyard. Sweet!

The F9 Productions flood house is designed to be as livable and self-sustaining as possible while also keeping you safe from most floods and a moderate sea level rise. The majority of the house is raised about ten feet off the ground, and the small ground level footprint can be sealed off with steel shutters and a minimal amount of sandbags.

Solar panels and cisterns provide plenty of power and water, and there's even a sun deck with a fire pit and a bar where you can kick back in the evenings while watching your neighbors house floating by. All that it needs now is some pontoons, a motor, and some way to detach from the foundation, and you cloud strike out in search of some brand new beach front property somewhere in Colorado.

You'll find lots more details on the flood house in the gallery below.

F9, via ArchDaily

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