Here's how you'll watch TV via your Xbox 360

Microsoft unveiled a whole slew of stuff pertaining to its Xbox 360 at E3 in Los Angeles today, not the least of which was the upcoming ability to watch live TV through your console. Hey, neat!

So yes, Live TV. It's not super clear how you'll get that Live TV, or what networks you'll get or how it will work at all. But it's likely to work in tandem with a cable service rather than as a replacement for it, unfortunately. But whatever it is, it'll be easily controlled using your voice, if you've got a Kinect. It'll integrate TV listings with a newly-available YouTube as well as Netflix, Hulu and the Zune store to let you search for stuff using Bing. So, for example, you can say "Xbox Bing 30 Rock" and it'll find listings for when it's next on, older episodes on Netflix and clips on YouTube. How convenient!

Again, we're not quite sure how this whole Live TV thing is going to work. But when we do, we'll let you know.

Via Kotaku

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