Here's a handy dishwasher that would fit in your backpack

Designer David Stockton's EcoWash is a compact dishwasher meant for campers and the like, being portable, hand-cranked and able to operate with very little water. Honestly? I'd probably use this thing in my apartment, too.

EcoWash keeps it simple: just load in your plates and utensils — yep, even those! — fill the thing with water and then start cranking. Sure, it's no high-powered suburban dish-destroying machine that'll wipe out half a leftover casserole, but for someone on a hike or even someone living alone, it's pretty nifty. To Stockton's mind, the EcoWash would come with a set of plates and cutlery specifically designed to fit the unit, too, though we imagine if you can fit the plate you can wash it.

Want to dry? Dump the water out using a release lever and get cranking again. When you're done, everything fits right back into the EcoWash, which you can then easily stow in a backpack or on a shelf.

See more of David Stockton's EcoWash in the gallery below. Sectioned plates!

Via Yanko Design

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