Help Captain Andy complete his rad steampunk pirate ship car

Attention steampunk pirates! The C.S. Tere (needs a more steampunk-ish name) needs your help to complete it. The big draw-in for this hand-built steel and wood pirate ship car? That 10-foot diameter hub-less front wheel.

As of now, the Captain Andy's C.S. Tere is nearly done. It just needs a new engine, hydraulics, steel, fuel transportation costs and some awesome fire poofers and then it'll be complete for its maiden voyage, er, drive.

So far (as of this writing), Andy's Kickstarter project has $2,000 of its $6,000 goal and needs a few more donations. If you're feeling generous today, help the guy out with a donation and you could get freebies like patches, magnets, tripods, t-shirts, or a 3D calendar that will show the the process for the C.S. Tere's construction.

You can peep some more views of the C.S. Tere over at the Lost Machine's Flickr page, but don't forget to check out some of angles of this ship in the gallery below.

Lost Machine and Kickstarter, via BoingBoing

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