Go check out some sharks with your own personal submarine

A vacation just isn't a vacation unless you're able to drive around in your own personal submarine. Luckily, the MSV Explorer is just that, if you can afford it.

Designed to be attached to the SP02 catamaran, it allows you to boat out to wherever you want to explore, deploy your lil sub, and head off into the watery deep. It's joystick controlled, and can apparently make a full 360-degree spin without much effort. You can push it at full speed for 7.5 hours without returning to the boat for a refuel, which is pretty generous. There's no word on whether or not it's sharkproof, but let's just assume it is.

There's no word on pricing for this thing, but seeing as it's a boat/submarine combo setup, it is probably insanely expensive.

CharterWorld via BornRich

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