Glove vacuum literally puts the power of cleaning in your hands

Nope, this isn't a super microwave mitt that can heat up food in an instant (although that'd be cool), it's a modular portable vacuum that sucks up dirt by stroking a surface like a brush. It's lightweight and battery rechargeable, what more could you want?

Think of Christian Sallustro's Magic Glove like a lint brush, with a vacuum suction attached, but it's better. From what we can tell, dirt that's sucked up into the vacuum is passed through a a filter-system that breaks down the dirt and dust and turns it into clean air, so there's no need for any weighty dirt bags.

Sadly, Sallustro's vac is but a mere concept rendering — another dream that has yet to be realized, but one we'd love to use if it were real. By the time the Magic Glove does become a reality, we'll probably already be using these robo puppy vacs.

Christian Sallustro, via YankoDesign

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