Giant GBA controller gives your Game Boy a real arcade feel

Playing on the ol' Nintendo Game Boy Advance was good fun, supposing you had fingers resemble knitting needles so they can hit the tiny buttons. This large table top controller aims to fix that problem — albeit a little after the fact — by adding a real arcade style joystick and buttons.

The Arcade Table Top controller from Toy & Television Games certainly gives you plenty of real estate for your hands, but I'm not sure if makes much sense otherwise.

For some reason the Game Boy is permanently attached, so you lose the portability that was the GBA's key selling point in the first place. Unfortunately you're still going to be staring at that tiny 2.9-inch screen, so while your hands might feel like they're in an arcade, your eyes certainly won't.

If you're still interested, Toy & Television Games is selling serial #001 on Ebay for a cool $399. Hmm, for that price you could get a Wii and a stack of games, which you could connect to your TV for some real big screen gaming action. You could hook this thing up to a TV set by way of a Gamecube, but, really, this idea would have made a lot more sense back in '03. Y'know, when the SP actually came out.

Ebay, via Design Buzz

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